I was in a villager town and stepped away for just a moment. all of my stuff was gone when I came back and I was in spawn. If I died I had set a home there prior to go back to the village so if I did die I would have found my stuff on the ground. I was is full god gear so it would take a literal army of mobs.

I think I got glitched or something and lost a lot of gear. Beyond upset and if I died it wasnt clear lag because it didnt happen yet. I also didnt come back to seeing a "You Died" screen either. I dont know what happened but I would like at least my unbreaking and mending elytra back please! it took me ages to make that!!!

I then tested three deaths after to see what it was like but I never lost a dollar when I found myself at spawn so something happened! if there is a way to check my deaths or money spend that would be great it happened around 20:00 est If there is nothing to be done I guess I will live with it.