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Your In-Game Minecraft Name: idkxxgigglie
Date Banned: 1/3/2019
Staff That Banned You: SolarBlackhole
Which Server on A1 you were on at the time: Towny
The reason given on the ban message: Autoclicking
Time/Date Ban Expires: 1/8/2019
Your view of the events leading to the Ban:

I was grinding. For this I set myself up in front of where skeletons were falling, set my phone up to vibrate at 12s intervals (since thats when a lot of them are in the right spot), and everytime it vibrates I click 4 times, slowly. I usually watch videos when I do this so my game sounds are off and I only look at the screen every now and then (but I'm not afk since I'm still at the computer). So I don't know if I was prompted at chat or something and didn't respond. But I have been trying to get my levels up for the past couple days and have been working hard at it and was even building my own guardian farm in between grinding sessions when my hand started hurting.

Like I don't have any way to prove that I wasn't autoclicking and I worked really hard to get to where I was and idk what to do if I lose levels or money or anything. :/ or my town! did I lose my town with this ban????
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Hello idkxxgigglie,
After looking over your appeal and reviewing the evidence, I have decided to leave your ban in place. I dive deeper into the video I recorded of you to confirm that the 4 hits you made were at the same intervals and indeed they were made at the same intervals with a brief pause in between the burst which did confirm to the presence of an auto clicker. Looking at your punishment history you were banned earlier last year for xray hacking which did further cement it. I did try to contact you ingame but of course, you didn't respond but I didn't weigh that in deciding your appeal as watching youtube while grinding is common. Using your phone as a vibration to remind you to click is rather unusual and everyone I spoke to about using that was immediately questioned it and all it did was raise my suspicion. For these reasons, you will have to wait out your ban.

Appeal Denied
FS Please lock.
-Titanic25745 or SolarBlackhole or whatever I'm going by this month.
Towny Mod
Posted Jan 4, 19
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