Creating A Faction

When you are making a factions several things must happen. One you need to find a good base location, Two you need to build a secure base(More on that latter), and Three get loyal members.

Good base locations are places like underground in a random location, or underwater in a random location. These places will be harder for other players to find and raid you.

When building a secure base you should make something like this. Obsidian walls then outside of that place a layer of water. This will make it impossible for anyone but your own faction members to break in. Note Obsidian is quite expensive so it can be replaced by a different block as long as there is a layer of water around it.

Getting loyal members is very hard to do. You should try to just invite your friends for a while before moving on to people you don't know so well. When moving on out try to stay within your friend's friends or just people you can trust.

Making Money
Now making money in factions in not that hard. The easiest way is to get a general pickaxe and then going mining. When doing mining be very careful about you inventory. As you may start to miss loads of items when it gets full. You should set your home to your location at then go to /warp shop and then sell your items.

Another easy way is to post items on /ah for players to buy. This works best if you have a supply of a rare item and your willing to sell. Items you might want to sell are things like Sponge, spawners, potions, and saddles or anything that is not in /warp shop and /Shop

Flying it Solo

If you don't want to have to trust anyone and still want to play you can create a solo faction and claim some land, and build yourself a personal base.
AdvantagesAdvantages of this include A Zero chance of being raided(if base is build correctly), You don't have to trust other players, and you get to keep all your items to yourself.
Disadvantages You have to collect all the items you want or need, You won't have anyone to help you make money for the faction.

Thanks for reading this guide for factions.I will be updating regularly as I find more tips and tricks for factions!