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The War has Begun!

Due to Towny resetting March 30th, the Towny Staff team have decided to enable Towny Wars. 

What this means

This means that by default, all nations are in war. This will allow griefing, stealing, and raiding in all towns that belong to nations particpating in the war. If your nation is not particpating in war, then the towns will be not be affected by the war, you will remain neutral. However be aware that a nation must pay a fee or $100 per every Towny Day (Not 1 IRL Day). If the nation is unable to do that, then you will be thrown into war. A town may leave a nation at any point in time.

How it works

In order to attack other towns, players must stand in plots of another town. The plot must first be on the outter edge of the town, then you will be able to move closer towards the center as the outer plots have been defeated. 

A single plot has 60 Health Points (HP), and a town spawn has 120 HP. Every 5 seconds that an enemy attacking the town stands in a plot, 1 HP will be lost. The entire town is defeated when the town  spawn is destroyed, and a nation is defeated when the capital town's spawn is destroyed.

In order to regain health, a resident of the town or an ally must stand in the plot to bring it back to full health. If both an enemy and resident/ally are standing on the same plot, the HP will not change.  


Points will be counted as such

1 Point per Plot 
1 Point per Enemy Killed

10 Points for Defeating a Town
100 Points for Defeating a Nation

The War will end when one nation, or allied nation is remaining, or when time runs out. Good luck to those who decide to participate in the war!

Hi Everyone,

We are trialling a new feature on Factions called `Vampires and Werewolfs`.

You can become one of these and have some new game features.

Check it out on factions server at

/warp vampire
/warp werewolf

Please share your comments here , this post will be `User Commenting` enabled.

If everyone likes the feature it will stay.

Hi Everyone ,

We have some exciting news in regards to Towny server , all the details can be found here ...


I would like to thank the Admins for their hard work , it is extremely hard due to outside commitments , school , work and other so i would like to thank them for all their efforts and commitment.

I am very confident that everyone will enjoy the new server from 30th March.

Our current Towny has been around from what feels like the start of time , this is a very exciting chapter and i hope you all come join us.

Thanks so much,


If you would like to chat with me directly the best place is discord , its more user friendly for me as i receive so many messages.


We are currently doing some factions updates with lots of planned additions.

So far we have re-added kits back to Donor Ranks.

Kit General can now Silk Touch Spawners.

Some spawners added to Coins Shop.

Kit cannon added to Webstore.

Kit Previews now available ingame /warp kits

Much more to follow and we are also looking for a New Spawn  ,if any of the community would like to take part and create a Spawn for factions then please contact me here on enjin or better still on discord...


More updates comming soon....

Welcome to A1craft !

Server Ip is: A1craft.com

Owner - mcraftpete
Add me as a friend http://www.a1craft.info/profile/10169769 

Server Staff list here for our staff currently
Staff List 

Our current servers are: Creative, Towny, Skyblock, KitPvP, KitPvP2, Plots, Prison,
Bending/Avatar, Factions, AcidIsland, SkyGrid, Survival, Minigames, Duels and Skywars

Our forums section is http://a1craft.info/forum
It's used regular and has Off-Topic section, Player reports, Ban Appeals and more for you
to explore.

Use the tabs at the top of the page for easy navigation to Forums , Store , Vote details and more.

Have a nice day on our forums

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